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The head of the department, doctor of philological sciences, professor




He was born on December 23, 1950. From 1974 to 2010 he worked as the head of the chair of  the grammar of the English language at former Andizhan State Institute of Languages. From 2010 -2022 he worked  as head of the department of. Andizhan State University. In 1983 he defended his dissertation for the degree of candidate of sciences on the topic “Complex sentences with an adverbial clause of purpose in languages of different systems “, in 2002( MSU named after M.V.Lonmonosov), and in 2022  he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Typology of complex sentences in languages of different systems”( UzNU).



The department was founded on June 1, 1976 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the former Andizhan Pedagogical Institute of Languages. The department was staffed by such prominent English language scholars and educators of the republic as  well-known English scholars-methodologists Hoshimov U.H. (c.p.s., associate professor), A.M. Avulov, (c.ph.s, associate professor), senior teachers A.A. Rakhimov, native speaker D.M.Melenevsky, D.K.Sudoma, T. Chuchuvadzs, R. D. Jalolov, associate professors M.Y. Rakhimov, G.H. Hoshimov, M.I. Ismailov, A.M. Kuldashev, I.K. Usarov,etc. At present there are 30 teachers altogether in the department. More than 80% of the department members have gained their international certificates.

In recent years the department has been maintaining its closest ties with such prestigious scientific institutions in Europe and Asia as the Institute of Language Education of the University of London (London), Norwich Institute of Language Education (London), London Metropolitan University (London), Cambridge University (Cambridge), Leeds University ( Leeds). Collaboration with the Norfolk University of Language Education (Great Britain) and Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, as well as a number of prestigious universities of the republic.

Such teachers of the department as D.Satimova, D.Egamnazarova, Sh.Tulanbayeva completed  a 144-hour refresher course from July 3 to August 27, 2019 at Norwich Institute for Language Education in the United Kingdom. During the in-service training the teachers actively participated in the classes conducted by the leading professors of the institute on the formation of teaching materials, assessment of students’ skills and  the peculiarities of professionally oriented language education.

 A number of teachers of the department successfully defended their doctoral dissertation and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philology: Under the supervision  of Prof. Sh.H.Shahobiddinova senior teacher of the department D.Sh.Egamnazarova defended the dissertation on the topic”Actual devision of parts of sentences in English and Uzbek”, senior teacher of the Department A.I.Matkarimova  – on the topic “Tasks and  linguopragmatic and linguocultural features of language means representing the field of “respect”, senior teacher of the department N.R.Makhmudova – on the topic “Comparative study of gradation in the English and Uzbek languages”, senior teacher D.N.Satimova mentained her dissertation on the topic “ Comparative analysis of the youth slang in English and Uzbek”,  and a young researcher  of the department M.G.Hoshimov under the supervision  of prof. G.I. Ergasheva successfully maintained his dissertation(Phd)  on the topic “Composite sentence with an introductory clause as an invariant type of sentence in language”.

Professors and teachers of the department teach students such subjects of the speciality of “English language and literature” as: Comparative typology, Theoretical aspects of the studied language (Theoretical grammar), Theoretical aspects of the studied language (History of English), Practice of language aspects, Integrated Foreign Language Teaching Course, Independent Learning Skills, Reading and Writing Practice, Integration of Language Skills, Practical Grammar, Forming Intercultural Communication in Foreign Language Teaching, etc.

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